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Responsible party within the meaning of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz “BDSG”):
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1. General


Data protection and data security have a high priority for us. The protection of your data is very important to us. Therefore, all information is collected, processed and used in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions, in particular those of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz “TMG”).


This privacy statement only applies to the website and not to websites of third parties which are linked to this website. Since we have no influence on the compliance of these third parties regarding data protection regulations, you should verify their respective privacy regulations separately.


We take appropriate and suitable measures to prevent the misuse of your data. Nevertheless, we cannot rule out entirely that your personal data in individual cases may be used in a way that does not comply with this statement.


2. Utilization of data from our users


If you use the services of the Choir Manager personally identifiable information of you will be collected. Without your consent we collect, process and use this data solely insofar as it is necessary for the provision of our services and for billing purposes or insofar as we are legally required to do so. We are entitled to disclose the collected data for these purposes to third parties (e.g. credit card companies), if necessary. Apart from that we will not disclose your personal data to third parties for other purposes, especially for advertising purposes, without your prior consent.


2.1 Data on first time registration


If you register as manager with the Choir Manager for the first time, your following personal identifiable information will be collected and processed:

  • -.Choir name 

  • -.Abbreviated choir name 

  • -.Choir size 

  • -.Choir voices 

  • -.First name and surname 

  • -.Email address 

  • -.Password 

  • -.Language and time zone 


If you register as singer with the Choir Manager for the first time, your following personal identifiable information will be collected and processed:

  • -.First name and surname 

  • -.Email address 

  • -.Password 

  • -.Choir voice 

  • -.Choir name 


2.2 Voluntary information


After successful registration you will have the opportunity to voluntarily add additional information regarding your person. This includes e.g. your photo, your date of birth and your postal address.

You can revoke your voluntary information at any time for future effect by deleting the data in question in your profile. We have no interest in your voluntary information. It serves only to simplify the communication between you and other users of the Choir Manager.


2.3 Profile data


Please note that all data you enter in your user profile with the Choir Manager is visible both for the managers and for the singers of the choirs you are a member of. Other users of the Choir Manager have no means of viewing your user profile.


2.4 Login details


To access your profile and the other services of the Choir Manager you have to enter your email address and password stored for authentication in the system. Your password serves only as authentication for the access to the Choir Manager; it will not be passed on to third parties and will only be stored encrypted (md5 Hash). We have strictly no means to decrypt your password and, therefore, no possibilty to make it legible for us or a third party.

2.5 Contact and appointment management


Essential part of the scope of services of the Choir Manager is to allow choirs the organization of contacts and appointments.


As part of the contact management e.g. the feature “download address” is available. Please note, that this feature enables members of your choir(s) to download and save your contact information at any time. Depending on the data you have entered in your profile, the contact information includes your first name and surname, your email address, your choir voice as well as possibly your postal address and date of birth.


The manager of a choir has, furthermore, the option to mark singers of a choir as “active” or “inactive” members. Should a manager have marked you as “inactive”, you will still be kept in the contact list of the manager with the contact information stored in your profile. However, if another choir member uses the feature “download address”, your contact information will not be visible to that choir member.


As soon as a manager sets up an appointment for a choir (e.g. rehearsals or concerts), the singer is prompted to communicate if he can attend on the respective date. The manager can via the Choir Manager keep tabs on which choir member has accepted or cancelled a specific appointment.


2.6 Financial data


If you as a manager want to use paid services of the Choir Manager, financial data of you such as your credit card number, the name of your credit card company, the expiration of validity of your credit card, the respective size of the choir of which you are the chargeable manager or the end of the respective payment period will be collected, processed and used. This data will only be passed on to third parties, such as the respective credit card company, insofar as it is necessary for billing purposes.


3. Log files


Whenever you visit the website, certain data will be logged. This includes your IP-address, which connects your computer to the internet, as well as the name of the accessed file, the date and time of the access, the type of access, the amount of data transferred, browser information as well as the report, if the access was successful. Your IP-address will not be stored together with your other information and will be deleted after ninety days, at the latest.

The logging and utilization of such logging data takes place solely for reasons of data security, to improve our range of services, as well as for statistical reasons.


4. Cookies


We employ so called „cookies“ and thereby receive certain information as soon as your web browser opens the website. Cookies are short text information which are transmitted for the use of additional features or for the tracking of the web usage from a web portal to the hard disk or to the browser of the visitor of the website. We need cookies to identify the respective session on the server and to ensure that you do not need to log in for every new session.


It is possible to configure your browser settings to reject cookies. If you wish to do so, we recommend using the relevant information offered by your browser. If you decide to deny us certain information, parts of our service our may not be available to you. We recommend that you log out completely after the use of a computer you share with others and which accepts cookies.


We can read our cookies on your computer until you have either deleted them from your hard drive or changed your browser settings so that cookies are no longer accepted.


5. Google Analytics


We employ „Google Analytics“ for statistical evaluation of the accesses to our website. We have configured the program in such a way that we do not collect or process your complete IP-address. Therefore, it is not possible to connect the IP-address to your person. If you wish to prevent us from using “Google Analytics”, you can deactivate it by using an add-on which is available for all established desktop browsers. Further information regarding the functionality of “Google Analytics” and its deactivation can be found under


6. Buttons of social networks


Plugins from the social networks and are used on the website. If you access websites with the respective plugin, a connection to these social networks is established and the browser is notified and displays the plugin. In this way the server of the respective social network may acquire information about which pages of you have visited, but at least your IP-address. Provided that you have a member account with the respective social network, said network may – regardless of you being logged in or not to that network at the time of visit of the Choir Manager – gain knowledge of further information like date and time of your website visit, the URL of the Choir Manager and the browser type used by you. The respective social network may be able to match this information to your member account of that social network. The above mentioned also applies, if you use individual functions of the plugin.


Further information regarding the collection and utilization of the data by the aforementioned social networks and regarding your rights and possibilities for the protection of your privacy can be found in the privacy regulations of the respective social network.


7. Information, correction, inhibition and deletion of stored data


You are entitled to demand information about the data stored about your person, the recipient and categories of recipients to which the data has been processed, as well as the purpose of the storage. You have the right to demand the correction, deletion and inhibition of personal data insofar as the processing of your personal data does not comply with legal requirements, in particular if the data is incomplete or incorrect.


8. Changes of the privacy statement


We reserve the right to change this privacy statement in case it should turn out to be incomplete or it proves to be necessary for further or changed services by us.



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