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Choir Manager began in 2009, when founder Alexander Leschinsky rejoined Cologne Cathedral's chamber choir "Vokalensemble Kölner Dom" after six years of paternal leave. The choir had tried a lot of tools to effectively organize concert dates, commitments, attendance, and address lists, among them Doodle and Google Docs. Unfortunately, these solutions simply were too general, and did not take into consideration the specific needs of choirs. For instance, of what value is a Doodle count of 20 singers coming to a concert if you do not know how many of them are sopranos?

In 2009, Alexander Leschinsky had already gained ten years of experience as managing director of G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH, a system integrator and managed service provider in the streaming media world. He started working on a choir management solution in close cooperation with choir directors and singers. The result worked so well that the decision was made to expand it as a portal. On November 26, 2010, G&L GmbH acquired the domain name At the beginning of 2011, ten more choirs were added in a closed beta phase. The functionalities were tested and improved in many iterations and finally made publicly available. This is how the success story of Choir Manager began.

Nearly ten years later, Choir Manager had boasted more than 500 registered choirs and already supported hundreds of thousands of event interactions. While the platform continued to function smoothly, it was becoming somewhat outdated in terms of design and device compatibility.

That's why has been modernized and completely overhauled. Its user-friendliness was improved and the compatibility of devices and screen sizes was achieved through a responsive design, so that the service can be used just as conveniently on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. On July 22, 2019, G&L GmbH unveiled the most important update to Choir Manager in its history with these new features. Since then, the platform has existed in its current form.

Above all, one thing was and still is important to the creators: The use of Choir Manager remains free of charge at all times; there are no fees whatsoever. Choir Manager is a project close to the heart of G&L GmbH – both founders of the company have a background in choral music: Hans W. Geißendörfer, as a former member of the "Windsbacher Knabenchor", and Alexander Leschinsky, as a current member of the Cologne Cathedral's chamber choir. Geißendörfer and Leschinsky love vocal music and enjoy supporting other choirs and singers with their tool.

Happy singing!