Choir Manager Features

Organize your choir's events and members with minimal effort

  • Schedule
  • Events
  • Members
  • Messages
  • Choir Profile
  • Subscriptions


See your choir's performance schedule at a glance

Your Choir Manager Schedule shows you all of your upcoming events on one screen. Regardless of how many choirs you are in or whether you are a director or a singer, keeping track of your events will be a breeze.

Various views

Choir directors can immediately see how many singers in which voice group will participate in an event, while singers can view the commitments of their own group.

Filter events

Check the box for your choir, event type, or commitment to only view specific events.

Quick vocal group overview

Singers are able to hover over their group’s attendance bar to see a breakdown of member commitments.


Create events for your group and know who’s coming

Planning your choir’s season has never been easier. Easily create, edit, and delete events in a centralized place for all members to see.

Toggle between chart and list attendance views

Color-coded icons in the Chart View give you an immediate idea of how many members are attending. You can also look at the List View for detailed information.

Edit event details

Keep everyone in the loop by updating events whenever there is a change of plans.


Organize your members from one centralized location

Keep track of current members of your choir and maintain member information. Add, edit or remove members with the click of a button.

Invite new members

You can add users who already have an account with Choir Manager directly to your choir. Those who do not have an account yet will automatically receive an invitation by email.

Effortless recordkeeping

Manage your active and inactive members and their joining and leaving dates.


Newsletters to everyone or to subgroups via email

Choir Manager sends your newsletters directly to members’ email addresses, so no message can be missed.

Choose from several choirs

Managing more than one choir? No problem. Select the choir you want to message with a click of the mouse.

Easy selection from the recipient list

Send a newsletter to all members. Or select a vocal group or individual singers to receive your newsletter with a single click.

Choir Profile

Keep your choir’s details up-to-date

Edit everything from the logo to the voicing arrangement on your choir profile page.

A convenient overview

The choir profile makes a quick check of all vocal groups a breeze.

Update choir details

You can upload a new choir photo or logo anytime and make sure your profile reflects the latest information.


Import appointments directly into your digital calendar

Your choir's events can be automatically imported into your personal calendar program. Works with iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook, among others.